Informa Exhibitions: Insight, Analysis, Action

Informa Exhibitions is an information distribution company focused on the most innovative and complex business-to-business markets that fuel the US (and world) economy.

Our mission is to help business professionals break through the hype, ambiguity and information deluge they experience, by offering trustworthy guidance on the decisions they need to make—be that early in their decision making process, whilst making a purchase decision, or following the decision when a product, service or ingredient is being used.

We do this in each of our networks by focusing on five key tenets that make their information journey fruitful:

Content: everything we do starts with the content we create for our audiences. Starting with this premise in our events, magazines and digital products ensures that we attract the proper audience. Further, we strategically align this content within the context of the delivery vehicle our audience will be engaging with. Literally offering different content in each unique aspect of our information distribution arsenal provides our users, readers and attendees with a differentiated experience with each media platform they utilize – based on a clear understanding of why they utilize a specific platform.
Audience: each B to B market has its own unique audience anatomy. In some markets there are one or two people at any given company that need the information we produce while in others there may be 10, 15 or even 50 people that need the information we create. We concentrate on understanding this dynamic in each market, and offer unique levels of content for the different audience members we have up and down the decision making process.
Brands: In a world that is maniacally focused on access to information and on getting answers quickly, the power of the "brand" has become more important than ever when decision makers are searching for mission-critical information. Today, everyone has an "opinion" and the internet has become the platform to share it. The sheer volume of the informational deluge means the busy business professional needs to pick, very carefully, who and what they trust. Our brands have become the destination for trusted content by our audience.
User Experience: In events, on the web, through reports or in a magazine, the user experience needs to enable crisp, clean access to the pressing information necessary to make important business decisions. Through each of our brands, we offer quick and easy access to the content our audience needs without compromising the experience in pursuit of short term revenues. Instead, we offer contextually relevant advertising, sponsorship and underwriting opportunities that make sense to our online users, readers and attendees. We work to ensure our audience can get advertising and promotional information that aligns with the business information they are accessing from us.
Performance Marketing: Our goal is to ensure our audience enjoys access to the content they need through our brands by creating an experience that plays into the context of each information delivery vehicle. This context defines the type of marketing programs that will make the most sense for our audience. For example, if an online user is downloading one of our reports on a specific topic, a proper marketing program would have an underwriter of that report offering contextually similar content alongside it. This is a way to craft a performance marketing program by creating contextual relevance to the content being accessed by the user. The same is true for our events. By offering unique exhibit and sponsorship programs that are content focused, the user accesses the best possible information and the sponsor reaches qualified potential customers to engage with at the event.