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The Health & Nutrition Network is a full service group offering content via print products, online platforms, in person and virtual events. We reach the entire distribution chain and observe products from farming and ingredient sourcing through to manufacturing, and finally with finished products that enter distribution among many channels. By aligning the content we deliver within the context of the delivery vehicle our audience utilizes, we are able to offer the greatest reach and engagement into each stage of this distribution chain for our advertisers, sponsors, exhibitors and underwriters.

We offer a unique editorial anatomy for each brand in our network, creating unique content for each level of engagement our audience chooses to participate in. For example, we have unique content on our websites that include blogs, columns, articles, reports and other data – all serving a unique purpose in our audience's decision making process. Our offline content – including magazines, tradeshows and other face-to-face events – enable their own value to the audience, and also align with where the reader, user or attendee is in their decision making process.

The Health & Nutrition Network matches readers' and users' interest in important business-shaping content with a variety of platforms and delivery vehicles, each with content shaped to maximize engagement on those specific platforms – and to meet marketers' interest in identifying and engaging with specific market segments at appropriate times in their decision making processes.





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